The band Mandate from Montrose ( Angus , Tayside ) have
been going since 1985. They have entertained audiences
throughout the east coast of Scotland at
Weddings and functions in: hotels; clubs;
function suites; lounge bars and pubs.

The band members (Ken and Ian Jensen) have been in the
music business professionally for more than 25 Years.

Mandate play a variety of music from the 50's to present day.
They cover artistes / bands such as: The Beatles; The Rolling Stones;
Elvis; Frank Sinatra; Robbie Williams; The Eagles; Elton John;
Lionel Richie; Bobby Darin; Cliff Richard; The Drifters and a
lot more.

Mandate play a variety of Styles including: Motown; R&B;
Rock; Pop; Ballad; Country; Rock n roll; Swing and even
Scottish Country Dance Music.

Ken, who is the lead guitarist, arranges all the backing music
and sings backing vocals.
Ian is the lead vocalist and also plays "blues harp" (harmonica)
on some of the livelier numbers.

The music in the samples are all recorded Live
at our Gigs, So enjoy the true sound of Mandate .

If you're looking for an experienced, professional band for your
wedding, function or party give Mandate a try and I'm sure you
wont be disappointed.

Mandate are a two piece band but are also available as a three
piece with the help of guest vocalist Linn Charles